Are You an Optimist, Pessimist, or Realist?

Do you see the glass as half empty, half full or just a glass of water? In this episode, we are talking about how optimists, pessimists and realists see life, make choices, and interact with the world from their own unique perspective.

So whether you view the world through rose colored glasses, wait for the proverbial shoe to drop, or see life through a completely clear and unfiltered lens, it’s just another aspect in accepting how you navigate your life and may help you during these times of upheaval and change.

Conversations with Friends: Reaching Out

During these times of shift and uncertainty, it’s always a comfort to know you’re not alone.  Our original intent when we started this podcast was to provide a space for like minded people to find community.

In this episode Samantha and I discuss the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on so many of us: individually, socially, culturally and globally.

Please join us as we chat, share our concerns, and even find some humor in these times of change.

Life as a Male Empath with Ian Johnson!

Please join us in welcoming Ian Johnson as he shares his perspective of what it is like to be a male empath.  His honesty and candor gives us a glimpse into how empathic men can navigate life.

Ian Johnson photo

Ian Johnson lives in Portland Maine and currently works as a Building Sustainability Consultant. In his work he uses regenerative thinking to support the design of high performance buildings and landscapes.

He is passionate about Earth healing and also teaches and practices Permaculture and Earth re-connection.

Through meditation and spirituality, he is an empath and has utilized this gift to help others and the world around him.

Currently he is writing a book about being a male empath which will be out later this year. The book looks to provide support to other male empaths who are struggling with embracing their empathy and finding their true self. 

To contact Ian and find out more about his work and upcoming book:

Instagram: the_regenerative_life

Finding Peace with Your Guardian Angel

In these times of turmoil and unrest, please know you’re not alone. We have each been blessed with the gift of free will and equally the gift of a Guardian Angel.

The beauty of connecting with your Guardian Angel is there are no barriers based on your religious beliefs or lack thereof, where you live, your ethnicity or how much money you have in your bank account.

Please join us for this uplifting and heartfelt conversation about connecting with your own personal Guardian Angel!

Seeing the Messages in Your Hands with Helene Saucedo!

Please join us today as we welcome Helene Saucedo, author of Handful of Stars. Helene is a hand analyst who works to bring insight and perspective by decoding the messages in the palms of each client’s hands. Her goal is to bring awareness and validation through a fun, uplifting experience. Join us as Helene shares some of her tricks of the trade!

Helene provides private readings while traveling the country in her vintage camper. In addition to offering private readings, Helene lectures and offers readings at shops and events such as Bonnaroo, Dirty South Yoga Festival, and LumiSummit.

For more information please visit: