Meet La Vang: Hmong Food Entrepreneur!

La was a nonprofit executive for 18 years who turned into a Hmong food entrepreneur. If you would’ve told her 5 years ago that she would be getting married and uprooting her whole life to move to the Pacific Northwest and live on a farm and go on this journey, she would’ve never believed you. After meeting the love of her life, she married Steve and moved to the metro Portland, OR area over 3 years ago. She worked for 9 months in her former career, but that journey had to end. The toxic environment along with moving so far away from her son, family, friends and everything she built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin sent her into a depression. Steve loved her enough to let her take some time off to find herself.  After a year of exploring the woods of Oregon, living on a farm and raising chickens, she emerged with a vision and mission of bringing her culture and cuisine to life. La launched La Vang Foods LLC 1.5 years ago with the sole purpose of creating a Hmong food movement and cultural experiences in the Pacific Northwest. Through her business, she launched @La’s, a Hmong Food Cart located in the Aloha/Beaverton area in metro Portland, Oregon. It’s the only Hmong food establishment in the PNW in the entire 40 year history of her people’s immigration to that area from Southeast Asia. She also launched her brand of food products such as her artisan Hmong sausages and condiments using produce from her farm while keeping true to Hmong tradition of fresh and locally source products. Since the launch of the food cart, she’s been featured in Portland Monthly; have been invited to give talks and demonstration about her food and culture throughout the city; she had the distinct honor of having her food cart be named the “Best New Food Cart of 2018” by The Oregonian; and she was just in Arlington, VA at a Women Farm to Food Competition where she presented her business plan to the agricultural commissioners and their leadership from the 50 states where she placed 2nd and winning $10,000 for her business. This is just the beginning as she has this vision to create an Agribusiness on her farm to preserve her agrarian culture, cuisine and tradition. All of this was due to her following her bliss and listening to her intuition and trusting God and The Universe.

Meet Lisa Campion: Psychic Counselor!

Denise and Samantha warmly welcome Lisa Campion!  Lisa is a psychic counselor and Reiki master with more than 25 years of experience.  Lisa is also the Dean of Students at the Rhys Thomas Institute, a three-year energy medicine school.  Based near Boston, she specializes in training emerging psychics, empaths, and healers so they can fully step into their gifts.

Lisa is the author of the #1 best selling book, “The Art of Psychic Reiki”.  She also hosts “The Miracle of Healing” on Empower Radio.

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Meet Karen Anderson: Animal Communicator!

Samantha and Denise welcome Karen Anderson, author of the #1 Bestseller on Amazon, The Amazing Afterlife of Animals.

Award-winning Animal Communicator & Afterlife Expert, Karen Anderson, has been professionally communicating with pets and departed human spirits for over 20 years.

Karen earned the prestigious 1st Place Award for the 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards for ‘Best Animal Communicator’, and the 2nd Place Award the prior year.

Karen discovered her special gift as a child and her abilities developed over the years and became particularly significant when she was a deputy sheriff. She discovered that animals on crime scenes could provide accurate eye-witness accounts about suspects and criminals.

Karen has written two books, including the #1 bestselling and multiple award-winning, “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals; Messages and Signs From Our Pets on the Other Side” and the bestselling, “Hear All Creatures! The Journey of an Animal Communicator”. Karen has also collaborated with Dr. Patricia Carrington, PhD. for her book, “The Secret Inner Life of Pets” and is a co-author for “Amazing Paranormal Encounters, Vol. 2”.

Karen has appeared on many shows including Coast to Coast AM with host George Noory, Darkness Radio, with host Dave Schrader, and Beyond Reality Radio with host Jason Hawes, Founder of TAPS and Lead Investigator of Ghost Hunters.

Karen offers a signature business coaching program for entrepreneurs, Animal Communication courses, and private consultations.

The Inland Pacific Northwest is where she lives on her farm with her husband and the animals she loves.

Karen’s book has received these prestigious literary awards:
  1. Winner 2018 International Book Awards – Animals/Pets
  2. Winner 2018 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
  3. Winner 2018 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award 
  4. Winner 2018 Indie Book Awards
  5. Winner 2018 Beverly Hills Book Awards – Grief
  6. Silver Medal Winner – 2017 Nautilus Book Awards
  7. Silver Medal Winner – 2018 Readers Favorite Awards
  8. Finalist 2018 Beverly Hills Book Awards – Pets
  9. Finalist 2018 International Book Awards – New Age/Non-Fiction
  10. Finalist 2018 International Book Awards – Spirituality/Inspirational
  11. Finalist 2018 International Book Awards – Best Cover Design Non-Fiction
  12. Two 5-Star Reviews from Readers Favorite Book Reviews
  13. Finalist 2018 “Best Book Awards” Non-fiction – Pets
  14. Finalist 2018 “Best Book Awards” Non-fiction – New Age
  15. Finalist 2018 “Best Book Awards” Non-fiction Best Cover Design


Are You an Animal Empath?

Join Denise and Samantha as they delve into the world of being an animal empath!

Do you wonder if animals cross over? Do our pets send us signs from the other side? How can we connect with our animals who are here and who have passed?

We’ll discuss these questions and so much more in this episode!