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Cue The Imperial March — 4 Comments

  1. As usual, Denise, you’ve got your finger on the planets pulse. In my line of work more and more people, men and women, are presenting with increased gifts of the spirit. Awakening or expanding intuition. An awareness of things unseen, yet sensed. We join you in facing and embracing a rapidly changing world, the speeding up of time, the knowing that we are living in uncertain times, while anticipating continued inner awakening with an open heart and mind. Thank you for your education and nudges to be mindful of our place within the evolutionary process of Divine Love.

    • Thank you Paula for validating the importance of “inner awakening with an open heart and mind”, what a perfect description! I so appreciate your comments and feedback. It helps to know we’re all heading in the same direction. Much love and light, Denise

      • I admire that you heeded the stirrings of the heart and courageously followed a new path. You are a beacon of light for us to follow, Denise. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

        • Thank you so very much for the kind words and vote of confidence! I truly do feel so very lucky and so very blessed to do this work. XO Denise

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