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Intuitive Enhancements — 8 Comments

  1. Great information, Denise! Not a coincidence to the Awakening timing and this study/training. You are right..science cannot replicate not replace our innate intuitive gifts. Thanks for your timely post. Best to you!!!

    • Thank You! The more I read, the more it became apparent that we are at another place on the timeline that our choices are going to have a very big impact for ourselves and future generations. Best to you!

  2. I remember, after finishing my Bachelors Degree (the emphasis was cybercrime), we had a discussion regarding the positive and negative effects of cyberspace…example: positive-enhanced connection, negative-exploitation. Light and Dark exists in all realms and your post points this out, beautifully, Denise.

    Let us Lightworkers, and those who are moving up and out of The Cave, be the hand up as humanity awakens, as it surely must, because we are All One.

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