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The Grateful Messenger
My goal as an Intuitive is to help you access and validate your own inner knowing and truth.  As an Evidential Medium, I strive to be the messenger for your loved ones in Spirit.

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I Am What I Am

There is a strength to beginning an affirmation with the words "I am".  We've all read it for years ad nauseam that if you believe it long enough, if you put enough pictures on your refrigerator, or you genuflect and spin around three times while you make a wish for...

Dream On

I had a dream the other night about a buoy with my name scratched on it.  Symbolically, a buoy can mean keeping your head up amidst emotional distress, a renewed outlook or possibly calmness.  It can also be indicative of repressed or subconscious thoughts becoming...

But have you smudged?!

As some of you already know, I'm selling my house.  This is the longest I've lived anywhere since I left for college at 17.  From my reference in the last post to Motown, that's been a while! If you ever want to open Pandora's box and take a lovely fun filled trip...

Kind Words
For full testimonials:

I've had two readings with Denise, one over the phone and one in-person. She was spot-on both times and delivered messages to me that were relevant, accurate and with integrity.

-Alisha, Maine

Denise, I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you giving me such a spot on, emotional and eye opening reading.

-Lexie, Maryland

Thanks Denise, Your counsel and insights on health and happiness and the road ahead are worth their weight in gold!

-John Derhak

Denise is a calming, compassionate soul who brings joy to my life. In the past when I have had readings I come away with a sense of pride, joy, love and purpose. Denise has a true gift !!! Feeling in need of guidance ? Contact Denise, you will be thankful that you did !!!

-Ruth Fenn, Greenville, Maine

Denise, you are the light that shines ever so brightly on my life, guiding me personally and professionally. Showing me the path where a cycle has ended and a new one is germinating. I am ever so thankful for your beautiful presence and accurate guidance.

Tammie Rogers        Lincolnville, Maine

Denise changed my life. When my Dad passed away unexpectedly it left me devastated, hopeless and confused. Denise and I met by accident or maybe an act of my Dad. I first talked to her by phone and that's when light came back to my life.

-Taylor Baines        Camden, Maine

I appreciate that Denise is one of the courageous souls who is willing to allow the Energies from beyond our realm to work through her. There is a caring, a deep love and validation that Denise carries and that allows me to feel safe and uplifted every time I experience a reading from her. Thank you Denise for holding space for the rest of us. There is Great Love for You.

-Rhonda Hunt McCarthy           Portland, Maine