Amazing Reference Books


Dream Images and Symbols by Kevin J. Todeschi


  • This book is a fabulous go to book on symbolism.  I use it on almost a daily basis to help interpret dreams, signs, or intuitive flashes. The depth and variety of definitions helps clarify but also helps to think of things with a wider perspective.  Often when I’m reading a definition that doesn’t seem accurate, something in the writing will trigger the message I am intended to receive.


Animal Symbolism and Totems


Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

  • A must have on your juju shelf if you feel a strong connection to animal energies.


Animal-Wise by Ted Andrews

  • More animal information regarding animals not covered in the first book.  The format is a bit different but still a useful reference.


Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals by Steven Farmer

  • Very handy, smaller book with more concise definitions. Several possible interpretations are given for each animal. I believe most of the animals listed in the original full size version, Animal Spirit Guides, are included in this edition.



Mind-Body Connection Books


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

  • If you’re on this site and reading this list, chances are fairly good you know this book.  It would just feel wrong on some level not to include this incredible reference for body/mind/spirit health.


The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal

  • This is another book I reference often.  The depth of information and accuracy is astounding at times.