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  1. Love the reference to “the inner critic” which we all have!!! this sounds like an awesome exercise for EVERYONE to do!!! I will……I promise!!! Thanks….as always…..helpful and insightful information!

    • I was very surprised the impact the exercise had on me. My inner critic is generally a bit sarcastic about this kind of stuff!Good luck!

  2. The Michalson quote on “Inner passivity” really hit home–left me much to think about… (Also, enjoyed the history lesson, too!). Very nice article.

  3. Denise, you took me on an important trip as I read and emotionally responded to this exceptional blog. Your words and quotes challenge me to work harder at being mindful of the true purpose of this life. To love ourselves as the beautiful creatures that we are. To be as kind and compassionate with and to ourselves as we are to others. Such a pure message, such a simple yet complicated challenge– but only if we think it is! And therein lies our dilemma, our unruly thoughts! Thanks for speaking to that higher Self in all of us, for calling us to remember who we truly are and why we are here. This is a test. Time to study and figure out how to pass it! You have many amazing gifts, Dear Lady!

I appreciate your input and opinion!

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