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  1. Beautifully put! I’ve long noticed the propensity to copy (and to co-opt) other’s original thoughts. Although rampant on social media, I’ve come to view it, with a sigh, as at least being a way to get the word out; especially spiritual, loving words.

    We are all originals, eh? I love the way you put it…if we look within, we’ll find our humble path and shine our Light. And come to hold the ironic, unexplainable truth that “God is the Ocean and we are the Waves.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda.

    Have THE most blessed day, Denise! Sending you Love and Light, always.


    • Hi Haley,

      Thank you again for your insight! I think another aspect of this is as we embrace our originality and essence, we are able to hold space for others to do the same. Wishing you many blessings and joy as well!

      Much love and light,

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