In this episode, Samantha and Denise discuss the energetic shift from 3d to 5d. So many people throughout the world are feeling this shift take place in their lives and are trying to grasp how to best navigate the physical, mental and emotional impacts of what this may entail. Are we all shifting into a new, higher vibration? What does it mean to live in a 3d world versus a 5d world? Can you consciously shift into a higher vibration?

Our 3d conscious is all about duality, polarity, and individuation. Here the focus is on the material, the physical, what we can see, hold, touch and measure. In a 3d world – success is based on material wealth and accumulation. We tend to see others as separate from us and often feel a sense of isolation or lack of connection.

Often as we’re working on shifting our vibrations to a higher level, we unknowingly shift into
the 4 th dimension. This is a transitory state between the 3d and 5d states of awareness. During
this shifting process when you’re moving into the 4 th dimension, you might feel confused
because this is the stage when the masks come off. You start to question beliefs you were raised
with or ideas you’ve always had about people, yourself, and society at large. We start to see
happiness and success as emotions and states of gratitude that go well beyond material and
traditional ideas of achievement. In the 4 th dimension, we’re moving beyond the ego. It can be a
difficult or scary transition because it’s a time of shedding the old you, dropping the illusions,
leaving behind the expectations you’ve carried with you as you leave labels and goals and
dreams that are no longer serving this new, more authentic you. During this time, your intuition
will heighten. You will also notice more signs and synchronicities in your life.

When you finally shed all of this and shift your vibration even higher, you will move into the 5 th
dimension which is a consciousness focused on unity, connection and divine love. You start to
see everyone and everything as connected. You might even start to see glowing lights or auras
around people, animals, trees, every living thing.

Once you’ve moved into 5d living, you’ll notice that you can manifest things much more easily
and quickly. You start to become aware of your personal power and capacity to be a potent co-
creator with the universe.

You also become more sensitive to energies around you. You might be able to pick up on the
vibes of a place, animal or people around you. As your compassion increases and deepens so will
your intuition and ability to tune into people, energy, thoughts and important messages.

You may no longer feel compelled to make a ton of money or be famous or successful. You start to
redefine your definition of success and happiness. You start to care more about the earth, your
body, your health and your impact on the world around you.

Ways to support yourself during this shift:
Eat healthy foods and drink lots of water. Move your body more. Sit in the sun, get fresh air and exercise. Create a daily spiritual practice that helps you turn within. Make time for solitude and reflection. Trust yourself and what is coming through for you.

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