Take Action and Go After What You Want!

In this episode Denise and Samantha discuss some of the road blocks and excuses that may be holding you back from going after what you really want or are being called to do.

So many of us may hesitate to fully step onto our path due to fear, not knowing what to expect, comparing ourselves to others and a host of other reasons or excuses we may convince ourselves are true.

Please join us as we discuss these often self induced limitations but also give some great tips for how to break free and start moving forward towards your goals!

(This was based on an article found on www.developgoodhabits.com)

Practicing Niksen: The Art of Doing Nothing

Please join Denise and Samantha as they discuss Niksen, the Dutch concept of doing nothing. Niksen is not to be confused with meditation or mindfulness but instead it is being intentional about doing absolutely nothing.

The goal of Niksen is to take a step back from whatever you are doing and just let everything be as it is without actually being an active participant. It’s much harder than it sounds!

Ideally, practicing Niksen allows the mind to wander as in daydreaming, which in turn can lead to enhanced creativity, productivity and a less judgmental, calmer approach to life!

Become a Manifesting STAR!

Please join Samantha and Denise as they discuss wishes, resolutions and goals!

If you’re ready to start moving forward but may need a bit of a nudge with your manifesting, try applying the STAR acronym: Surrender-Trust-Act-Receive. Using these 4 steps can help you stay the course and get closer to what you truly are ready to bring in to your life during this new year!