Tapping into the Power of the Moon Cycles

Many empaths are strongly impacted by external influences.  Learning the different aspects of the moon cycles and phases can help you tap more fully into your own wisdom, intuition and spiritual connection.

Join us today as we discuss the progression of the moon phases from new to full and how you can learn to access these amazing energies!

Moon Phases

1. New:  Beginning Again

2. Waxing Crescent: Setting Intentions

3. First Quarter: Face Resistance

4. Waxing Gibbous: Refine and Hone

5. Full Moon:  Harvest

6. Waning Gibbous: Introspection

7. Last Quarter: Release and Forgive

8. Waning Crescent: Surrender, Rest and Recuperate

Enneagrams for Empaths

As Empaths, we always seem to be looking for ways to get more validation with who we are as individuals but also to get more clarity of how to successfully interact with other people.

In this episode we discuss the 9 distinct yet interconnected Enneagram personality types.  Each is based on inborn temperament and are expressed through continuum of levels for each type. Are you the Individualist? Or maybe the Peacemaker? Join us as we discuss the characteristics of each type, where to find more information, and how to use your specific Enneagram personality type to better navigate your life!

Conversations with Friends: Good News in Dark Times

Sometimes it’s so easy to feel saturated and overwhelmed from too much negativity in the news and media.  As empaths, it’s important to seek out alternative ways to stay informed but also to combat the physical, mental and emotional overload of too much dark news. In this episode we discuss how to counteract the natural inclination towards a negativity bias as well as give you some great resources on where you can find more positive and uplifting stories of how we are all working together to help each other out during these times of transition and change!

Are You Ready to Step Up and Stop Self-Sabotaging?

Are you holding yourself back from truly stepping into your power, your light and your purpose? Are you hoping to move into more of a leadership role or are you already in one and trying to figure out how to be an empath in a managerial position?  Please join us today as we explore and discuss common self-sabotaging behaviors and ways to overcome these self imposed limitations. In the second half of the show we focus on leadership styles and why many empaths make exceptional supervisors, leaders and entrepreneurs!