Whenever we release resistance, our vibrational point of attraction automatically returns to it’s natural state of well being and allowing.” – Abraham

Sometimes we all need a nudge to step away from the familiarity of our days and embrace something that forces us to sharpen our senses.  It not only helps us to reset the timer but also to get a clearer perspective on how we are existing on the planet.

Recently I bought a one way ticket to Los Angeles to buy an RV I’d never seen from people I’d never met.  I navigated the delays, missed flights, and self doubt with an outer calm that belied my inner turmoil and anxiety.

The RV was as advertised, the people were wonderful, leaving no excuses to divert this adventure. Though I’d never driven an RV, I left Redondo Beach, California praying and doing deep breathing exercises as I weaved in out of the LA traffic. This shit was getting real.

It took just shy of a week to get home, most of the trip driven in silence watching the unfamiliar scenery with a hunger from too many years in one place. But with all dreams and leaps of faith, there often comes the aftermath of questioning our sanity and seeing with stark clarity that we’ve chosen to take a step towards a new reality, often paraphrased with the all too familiar, “What the hell was I thinking?”

Years ago my goal was to become location independent.  I wanted to revisit the freedom of earlier years and be able to travel untethered, free from the confines of a traditional schedule or toxic work environment.  Buying the RV took away my excuse of some day.

So many of us are feeling these urges to move our lives in a new direction.  There is a pervasive restlessness and ticking of an imaginary clock reminding us to make the most of our lives and step into what we really came here to do.  People ache to write the book, start the business, have the baby, or hit the reset button to jump start their lives, yet are crippled by feeling they’re not enough or that it will never happen.

Clinging to the familiar to avoid being hurt, humiliated or let down can manifest through procrastination, self-sabotage and perfectionism.  Or it can keep us safe from becoming more than we feel capable of being.

Maybe the real question to ask is what success even looks like for you. Learning to ignore what other people think and do it anyway seems to be a crucial first step. Make a plan. Take that one step. Be brave enough to start to dream again.

We are all blessed with free will.  The only decision now is which direction to start driving.


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