Are you tired of carrying the emotions of past generations? Do you want to help heal the patterns in your family of origin? Please join us as we explore ancestral healing: what it is, how to address it and why that can be an important step in the healing journey, not only for you but for the ancestors who have come before you.

Ancestral Healing starts by looking at the shadows, wounds and unresolved traumas from our family lineage so we can begin the healing that needs to take place.  Becoming more aware of what we may share with our ancestors, and recognizing the things that have been inadvertently passed down through generations, allows us to see how it all may potentially be impacting on our psychological and emotional behaviors.

Books mentioned in this episode:

Heal Your Ancestral Roots: Release the Family Patterns That Hold You Back by Anuradha Dayal-Gulati Heal Your Ancestral Roots

Ancestral Healing Made Easy: How to Resolve Ancestral Patterns and Honour Your Family History by Natalia O’Sullivan and Terry O’Sullivan Ancestral Healing Made Easy

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