Surviving Narcissistic Abuse and Finding You Again

Please join us in welcoming Maegan!

Maegan became certified by the New York department of health in 2008 as a crisis and trauma intervention specialist. As a volunteer first responder for sexual and domestic violence victims in the Emergency Room at Mount Saini Hospitals in NYC, Maegan has seen and mentored over 150 cases. She received The Lydia Martinez Multi-Disciplinary award given by The New York Alliance Against Sexual Assault and Joyful Heart Foundation for outstanding service as a volunteer advocate in 2011.

Maegan created The Divine Self in 2019 after three years of extensive research on Narcissism and surviving a very serious domestic violent relationship where she almost lost her life. Maegan has become an expert on trauma bonding and helping survivors of Narcissistic abuse and domestic violence break the cycle of abuse to be able to live a happy and fulfilling life. The Divine Self started as a YouTube video that quickly became a coaching business for Maegan. Maegan just launched her podcast The Secret Garden to dive deeper into the topic of abuse and empowering survivors to begin to explore their toxic relationships with narcissists. 

As mentioned in the podcast, if you or someone you care about is the victim of domestic or sexual violence, you can reach out confidentially to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network).

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Psychic, Ghost Buster, Author, Speaker: Michael Bodine!

Please join Samantha as she engages in an intriguing conversation with Michael Bodine!

Michael Bodine has been a practicing psychic for more than 40 years. Raised in a psychic family, Michael had a wide range of experiences and opportunities that helped to shape his future as a celebrity reader. He and his two sisters Echo and Nikki are all practicing psychics. Michael sees himself as a future guy and is adept at offering intuitive guidance for what is coming up in your life.

Michael is the author of Growing Up Psychic and A Psychic’s Life

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Astrology Update with Jenifer Edwards!

Please join us in welcoming back our dear friend Jenifer Edwards as she shares her amazing insights about what the planets have in store for us !

It’s been quite a year and as we get ready to go into the whirlwind of the eclipse season, Jen gives information to help each sign navigate through until the end of 2020.

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Dreams as Premonitions

This week’s episode is a continuation of our discussion on dreams. Last week we talked about different kinds of dreams, how to incite or remember dreams more readily, and the universal connection with symbolism and archetypes found in dreams.

Up to 80% of people have reported having dreams that came to fruition at a later date. Are they all premonitions or are some precognitive or self fulfilling prophecies? Join us today as we explain different aspects of dreams as premonitions, share some amazing stories and take a deeper dive into the subconscious!

Tapping into the Rich World of Dreams

We all have the ability to make a stronger connection with our inner knowing and subconscious through our nightly journeys into the dream world.

In this episode we are discussing types of dreams, universal symbolism, and ways to develop skills to increase remembering your dreams and maybe even getting insight into your life and relationships.

Although your own interpretation is the best when it comes to deciphering the meanings of dreams, a great reference book based on Edgar Cayce’s lifetime of work is:

Dream Images and Symbols: A Dictionary by Kevin Todeschi