Inviting Abundance and Good Fortune with Richard Webster!

In this week’s show, join Denise and Samantha as we interview Richard Webster – author of the upcoming book 50 Ways to Manifest Abundance and Good Fortune. Richard Webster is a New Zealand based writer who’s a multi-million selling author with books such as Angels For Beginners, Creative Visualization and Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians. In this episode, we discuss ways to increase your luck, create a positive mindset and follow your passion. For more information check out Richard’s work by going to

Mike Marschhausen: The Healthy Empath Podcast

Mike Marschhausen of The Healthy Empath is a lifestyle, health and fitness coach who works with clients to help guide empaths, sensitive souls, healers, and healers-to-be on their journey and into wholeness. You won’t want to miss this episode where Mike shares his experiences as a veteran learning to embrace his empathy and heal PTSD. For more information, go to to

Prioritizing and Bringing Balance to Your Life

In this episode we’re talking about Martin Short’s 9 categories of self-evaluation. This is based on an interview that he did where he shared that every year he takes stock of where he is in his life in the following areas: Self, Immediate Family, Original Family, Friends, Money, Career, Creativity, Discipline and Lifestyle.

By taking a moment to look at these categories or areas of your life, it quickly becomes apparent that there is so much more to our existence than our career.

Short credits this outlook as helping him to prioritize what’s truly important in life but also uses them as a means to bring balance and be in a place of gratitude.

(This episode is based on a podcast interview with Martin Short which can be found at:

From Clutter to Clarity with Kerri Richardson!

Please join us in welcoming back Kerri Richardson!

Kerri Richardson is a lifestyle designer, trained coach, and the bestselling author of What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You. Her latest book, From Clutter to Clarity: Clean Up Your Mindset to Clear Out Your Clutter, brings the work of clutter clearing to the next level as she identifies and explains the emotions and mindset that are the core of the clutter.  

Kerri has worked with thousands of people helping them use their blocks as stepping stones to living their best lives. Through her signature clutter readings, she helps people discover the real reason they struggle to let go of physical and emotional clutter and how to stop the self sabotage. You can learn more at

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