Please join us today as we chat about languishing, that blah feeling of stagnation and emptiness that a lot of people have been feeling over this past year.

Many of us started out with the attitude to try and make the most of more time at home, excited to start more of a routine with a health regiment or to tackle those projects relegated to the back burner for far too long.

But instead, we landed in the place of languishing, caught between flourishing well being and depressive despondency. Here many have been treading water, feeling unmotivated, perhaps unfocused and very much ready to move forward.

Please know you’re not alone and if you are feeling that something may be more serious or long term in your life with depression or anxiety, please contact your physician or contact the mental health hotline:

For confidential help 24/7, please text HOME to connect with a Crisis Counselor:

US and Canada: text 741741

UK: text 85258 | Ireland: text 50808

Or visit:

This episode is based on an article by Adam Grant and was originally posted in the NY Times.