Sometimes we think it’s finally over, done, time to release and move forward in a new direction.  And other times we circle the wagons around one more time to see if there is still any semblance of hope; any chance we won’t have to go through the process of change.

Stirrings of the soul may call you to a new profession, provide a glimpse of your potential future self , or provoke a reunion with old dreams long dormant and carefully categorized for someday.

When there is an undeniable catalyst that marks an ending, it may still be excruciatingly painful but at least there is a reason and an answer when people ask why.  Long term relationships that end due to culturally acceptable deal breakers make it easier to save face or justify choices.  Infidelity, addiction issues, financial irresponsibility, emotional or physical abuse all readily gain head nods and sympathetic responses. Boredom, lack of shared interests, and simply growing apart may be judged with a harsher verdict that you didn’t try hard enough or care enough to bother.

Unemployment statistics site there are not enough qualified workers to replace those who have dutifully stayed in jobs, careers and professions lulled by the lure of a comfortable retirement and the stability of a consistent paycheck.  Skilled trades, drivers, educators, engineers, and nurses are just some of the jobs feeling the impact of a declining pool of job applicants.

Or will it matter?

Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics design company, has designed robots for the U.S. Military through funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  The technology and scope of what has already been developed and the future growth and development in this field far surpasses a mindset raised in The Jetsons era.

Robots have been used in the medical industry since 1985 and have in some situations become integral members of surgical teams.  Cardiac valve repair, brain biopsies, mixing and dispensing medicines, as well as specialists being able to check on patients, read vital signs, and facilitate procedures all from a remote control station on another floor or even many miles away. Telesurgery removes the geographic boundaries that may prevent a person from receiving the care they need.

Whether we like it, fear it, or embrace it, we are evolving in new directions.  As with any evolutionary process, there must be a release of what was as we move toward what is becoming. The timeline of increased technological developments integrating with robotics and humanity parallels the awakening intuitive and empathetic tendencies presenting in more and more of the population. The common thread being emotional response and expression. We are developing sentient machines that provide a mirror for how we are feeling or processing a situation as we simultaneously become more attuned to one another.

Our advantage is as each of us align with the unique frequency of our soul, we strengthen our umbilical cord to Divine, a connection that can not be replicated or replaced.  Though aching for change, many fear the consequences of leaving the familiarity or going forward towards the unknown.The endings we avoid, postpone, or fear may in fact be the catalyst to living a more fulfilling, purposeful and joyful life.


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