In this episode we are chatting about 12 Questions you should ask yourself and your partner to discover if this is a dating relationship worth developing! These questions were presented on a Tik Tok video by therapist Jeff Guenther and are meant to help you think about how well you really know the person you’re dating.

Here are the 12 Questions:

1.What makes them laugh or cry?

2. What are they passionate about?

3. How did their family affect their growth?

4. What makes them mad?

5. Do they have spiritual beliefs and how to they effect their life choices?

6. What are their defining moments?

7. What is the most important to them?

8. How would they define success?

9. What kind of support do they need when they’re stressed or sad?

10. What are they the most proud of about themselves?

11. What can instantly light them up inside?

12. How do they recharge their emotional batteries?