I had a dream the other night about a buoy with my name scratched on it.  Symbolically, a buoy can mean keeping your head up amidst emotional distress, a renewed outlook or possibly calmness.  It can also be indicative of repressed or subconscious thoughts becoming more apparent.  It may be validating the overwhelmed feeling of being caught or held in the middle of uncertainty or a sea of stormy emotions. Staying strong when faced with hardship, holding your head above emotional stresses in your life, and a warning of danger ahead are additional interpretations.

Buoys are used to mark navigation, hazards, moorings or to keep something afloat.  They can be anchored; they can drift.  They guide safe passage or warn of potential dangers.

There is a correlation between the actual meaning of the word and the symbolism attached to it. The subconscious works with metaphors and symbols to try and help us find clarity, understanding or to gain a new perspective.  Dreams often validate what you already know or are feeling about a given person, situation, or yourself.

Some people insist they never dream while others travel to an internal cineplex every night. In either case, keeping a journal, a pad of paper or notebook by your bed so you can scribble down whatever you remember is the first step in training your mind to remember dreams.  Learning anything new takes practice and this is no exception.  Some nights it may be one symbol as in my dream about the buoy. Other nights it can be a detailed description filled with symbols, messages and possible keys to whatever has been troubling or confusing you. Learning to work with your dreams is an incredible step to using symbolism for greater insight during your waking life as well.

The symbolism of the buoy mirrored my emotional and life situation to a tee.  I couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate symbol.  The part I didn’t mention, it was an orange and black lobster buoy.  My father was a lobsterman and those were his colors.  For me, seeing my name scratched onto one of my father’s buoys was the sign I needed to realize it’s going to be okay.  He believes in me and will help me work it all out.  He often said life is too short to waste your time doing something you don’t enjoy and how important to keep working towards the next goal. He embodied making the most of being here.

Before you go to sleep at night, write down a question. The answer may not come right away or in the way you may expect, but it will come.  I know I got my answer.  It’s all going to be okay.