In last week’s episode, we talked about how to embrace success without feeling guilty.  Today we’re going to take it to the next level and discuss how feeling worthy is the foundation for not only success but also for being able to live the life we truly came here to experience.

Much of this episode is based on the NY Times Bestseller by Jamie Kern Lima:  Worthy:  How to Believe You are Enough and Transform Your Life.  

In her book, Lima states: “Self-doubt, unworthiness, and fear cause us to dim our soul’s light.  And start playing it safe. Holding back. Hiding. Speaking only part of our truth.  Living only half of our life. Expressing only part of our soul’s true essence.  Craving the perception of belonging over authentic connection.  Craving validation and significance in a  way that’s defined externally  Because we start to believe that these are the only paths  to love, to belonging , to worthiness.”

Please join Samantha and Denise as they discuss how to embrace worthiness in your own life!


Worthy: How to Believe You are Enough and Transform Your Life by Jamie Kern Lima Worthy