Join Samantha and Denise in welcoming Amy Green Smith! In this episode, we explore how to stand up for yourself, ways to address the trap of always being a people pleaser, and many other ways to overcome self-sabotaging or limiting behaviors.

Amy Green Smith is a certified and credentialed life coach, hypnotherapist, masterful speaker and personal empowerment expert. Amy truly walks her talk as a coach, writer, podcast and public speaker to help people move beyond whatever may be holding them back from finding true self-worth and empowerment.

Throughout all of her work and offerings, Amy’s focus is on helping people “find their voice”. As the host of the popular weekly podcast, The Bold-Faced Truth, Amy talks candidly about issues of worthiness, self-confidence, and releasing the need to be a people pleaser in order to create and live a more joyful life. Her wisdom, irreverence and humor have helped thousands of women step into their authenticity and power while building the life they want to be living. Amy has been a featured expert in Inspired Coach Magazine and on Fox 5 San Diego.

You can find Amy and all of her incredible offerings at:

Be sure to grab a free copy of her eWorkbook/Audiobook, Stand Up for Yourself Without Being a Dick: 9 Proven Challenges to Radically Improve Your Self-Confidence and Self-Worth.