Today’s full moon in Virgo marks the culmination of the past six months which for many has been a time of changes and inner turmoil often hidden under a calm exterior. There have been waves of frustration coupled with diligently trying to be patient and allowing things to follow the intended course. This is the final moon phase in the eclipse cycle that started in September, 2015. Where we are now reflects back to the energies of whatever was going on in our lives then.  Shit, I better hang on tight for this one!

The two opposing signs of this full moon are Virgo and Pisces. The energies leading up to this full moon have been building for the last two weeks and will resolve in the coming two weeks with a total solar eclipse on March 8, 2016. This eclipse is about new beginnings that could have started up to 6 weeks ago and will evolve during the next six months.

Full moons bring our underlying emotional and relationship issues to the surface. Many of us look within at who we are and start that deep dive soul work of asking if we’re being true to ourselves. Are we leading the life we really want to be living?  Virgo is about work and duties, health, lifestyle, and routines. Being organized, methodical, clean and aiming for perfectionism are all traits associated with this sign. The Sun in Pisces is intensifying what the ego needs. Imagination, creativity, and spiritual aspirations may be tempered with the darker side of escapism while avoiding mundane reality and duties.  The potential upset with this Virgo/Pisces combination is trying to strike a balance between our ego wanting to cut loose a bit and our need for security being equally addressed. It’s a great time to get on track if you’ve been waiting to start a diet, an exercise program or more efficient work habits and routines.

The first 24 hours after a full moon are the most potent time energetically to let go and release that which no longer serves a purpose in your life. Any related actions to support this will have the most impact over the next two weeks. Keep in mind the energies of this moon are intensely connected to the eclipse theme of healing a broken heart or releasing imbalances in relationships. So before you kick someone’s ass to the curb, however tempting or self-validating that may be, take a minute and ask yourself if you’re frustrated because things aren’t going as planned or hoped. Are sadness or feelings of being overwhelmed influencing life feeling out of control? Are you doing what you think you should be doing but ignoring your intuition? It’s time to open your eyes wide to what you may have been denying or ignoring.

If the past six months have been a game changer in your life, it’s time here and now to decide you aren’t going to stand in the way of your own happiness anymore. It’s time for some big ass energy shifts that can herald a time of integration and resolution of inner conflicts. I avidly write in a journal every morning and truly believe it brings a level of insight that helps me in a way nothing else does. I looked up where my life was six months ago during the new moon eclipse in Virgo.  Amidst the update on my children, financial glitches, and Gabe’s interaction with a skunk, there were intentions, hopes, and admonitions that it was time to release the past and be present.  “The anxiety is becoming familiar” jumped out at me as I quickly relived the fear of having let go of the identity I had fostered for decades of my life. There was no safety net and I was scared but the words were encouraging new experiences and adventures, a will to stay upbeat and to not give up.  I’m not who I was six months ago nor who I will be six months from now.  That’s the glory of all this, we all have this amazing potential to continually evolve and grow.  The energies of this moon are about releasing and resolving old inner conflict.  For me, the two people on this planet who have helped me learn some of my most difficult lessons are respectively a Virgo and a Pisces. Today I send them love and step away.  There just isn’t time to be stuck in the past anymore.

Are you willing to risk it all for what you’ve always wanted?  It’s all aligning to support who you are and what you came here to do but in order to navigate these energies, it’s important to stay open-minded and flexible. Bite your tongue if you need to before a mood swing or impulsive reaction turns a time of releasing anger into promoting higher levels of discord and frustration. This is a pivotal time to resolve an ongoing conflict. There is a potential here to help balance your physical health (Virgo) with your spiritual health (Pisces). It’s a perfect time not only to find ways to love your body but also take the time for meditation, prayer, and self-reflection. The Virgo moon exemplifies the adage that every moment is sacred. Maybe it really is finally time to fully be who we came here to be.


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