Please join us today as we welcome our amazing guest, Walaa, as we discuss how to use color as part of your healing journey. As an intuitive color healer and trained interior designer, Walaa has developed a unique 5 modality system for harnessing energy to develop emotional fluidity. She uses a combination of color frequency, crystal sound healing, body release movement, mental reprogramming, and breathwork in one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and workshops to help release blockages. Through her sessions, Walaa encourages women to spiritually and emotionally evolve, giving as much support as they need to move beyond fear, exit of toxic relationships, develop a strong self understanding through acceptance of their own shadow, and discover a deep connection to their purpose. 

Her forthcoming book, Heal Yourself With Color: Harness the Power of Color to Change Your Life, will be released in July 2021. In Heal Yourself With Color, Walaa takes you on a journey through the spectrum of colors. She explains the associations with each color, what it can do for you, and how to harness the different powers of each to balance and heal, helping to bring love into your life, improve your relationships, gain success at work, and enjoy a relaxing, happy atmosphere at home. 
A Kuwaiti living in Barcelona, Walaa studied interior design in Virginia Commonwealth University and has been active with interior design since 2015, currently working with private clients to create healing spaces, an approach to interior design that focuses on the wellness of the users of the spaces vs only an aesthetic focus. Her practice uses color and its elements to design healthy spaces.

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