Intuition is picking up on information that may slip by the other five senses. Empathy is tuning in to someone else’s feelings so deeply that you actually feel their pain, joy, or even physical afflictions. Highly intuitive empaths absorb a lot of information from people both spoken and unspoken.  They seemingly operate at a frequency where they perceive and know things that can’t be seen or proven. It can be pretty damn weird and crazy.

We have a new generation of children, many of whom are highly intuitive, empathetic, and just plain different.  They are coming in with their eyes wide open and not shutting down. Maureen Healy, an expert in the field of helping highly sensitive children thrive, has documented five distinct characteristics these children collectively possess: high intuitive intelligence, high sensitivity, high intensity, multi-dimensional awareness, and learning differences.

High sensitivity can manifest as being sensitive to the energy of others or surroundings. These kids usually have incredible instincts about people and situations.  They may talk about spiritual figures, imaginary friends, or loved ones they’ve never met. They may recall a past life and make a comment such as “I remember when I was the mommy and you were the baby.”

I truly believe all children shine brilliant light that hasn’t been tainted by ego, experiences, or expectations. This new little crowd is bringing that to a whole new level.  They are very loving and compassionate.  Many have a strong love and bond with animals.  They may prefer to be home rather than at school.  To be highly sensitive and thrown into a classroom with the intensity of every other student’s emotions, upsets, excitement and not be overwhelmed, is no small task. Is the upsurge of children being labelled ADD, ADHD, or other attentional disorders actually connected with the overstimulation of highly sensitive children?

These kids are creative and imaginative.  They challenge us by not fitting into the stereotype of a traditional student.  Many may have sleep issues due to vivid dreams, nightmares, or trouble sleeping. They may be overwhelmed by noisy, crowded places and take a while to recover.  Some are prone to headaches, stomach-aches or are so in tune to other people’s stress that they will manifest physical symptoms mocking illness.  Traumatic world events can produce what seems to be exaggerated reactions and fear.

Sensitive seems to be a much more acceptable term than psychic.  We’re talking about the same thing here folks!  These children will finish your sentences or thoughts.  They often tell you what a younger sibling or pet needs or wants.  Sometimes referred to as ‘old souls’ , they have insights about people or the world that surpasses developmental levels or age.  Many times these kids will say they feel different from their peers.

For me, I was an introverted intuitive child, painfully shy for many years.  Kids are amazing at developing coping mechanisms.  Some will act out, others will retreat.  If you have or know a highly sensitive introverted child, please check out the following website: There is a multitude of information that will help you understand and support this child who often falls through the cracks.

Some ways to help and support all of these kids:

  • Teach them to trust their gut and listen to that still, small voice within.
  • Honor how they feel about people or situations. Don’t brush off their feelings as “nothing” or “coincidence”.
  • Teach them to ask “Is this mine?” in regards to feelings.
  • Don’t inflate or deflate the intuitive experience.  Make it as normal as having blue eyes or brown hair.
  • Help them to find their own ways to de-stress.  Exercise, meditation, quiet time.  Constantly being bombarded with energy can be very depleting, especially for a young child.


We all seem to be striving to find a way to become more interconnected and whole.  Individually as well as globally there seems to be a strong calling for unity.  These children are here to light the way and shift the paradigm.  Altruistically I see this new generation as a huge component in our shift to a kinder, gentler world.  If we all open to our innate psychic and empathetic abilities, it becomes almost impossible not to see how we are all in this together.  These kids already have that figured out.