In this episode, Samantha and Denise explore how each of you best utilize your own unique blueprint of receiving energy and input from Spirit and how this can improve your own intuition as well!

By learning to further develop our physical and emotional senses, we are able to raise our connection to a higher spiritual level. There are several ‘claires’ that we can all use to process incoming energies. One is no better or stronger than another, it truly does depend on how you’re wired.

  • Claircognizance:  Clear Knowing happens when Information or insight comes through without having read or been told about it and even without having any prior knowledge of the topic being discussed. This clear knowing may present as something real or feel like a premonition of something coming up.  The problem is you don’t have anything to confirm why you know it.  A lot of times people with strong claircognizance will say something along the lines of:  “I don’t know how I know, I just know.”
  • Clairsentience: Clear Feeling is most often attributed to a connection with the solar plexus chakra, many mediums will experience clear sensing or feeling with their whole body.  An easy way to remember this is to think of a situation when you had butterflies or got a pit in your stomach.  Clairsentience may present as a gut feeling or you may get a physical sensation in a specific part of your body. Easy ways to identify this in your everyday life are a feeling of discomfort or unease around certain people, feeling overly sensitive or overwhelmed in large crowds or places with intense energy, being able to walk into a room and feel if there is a mood of relaxation or tension.  
  • Clairvoyance: Clear Seeing is the ability to see images in the mind’s eye.  Though it’s similar to using the imagination, clairvoyance is being able to actually see those who are in spirit.  There are two types of clairvoyance: objective clairvoyance is the ability to actually see discarnate spirit in your physical environment.  Subjective clairvoyance is an image projected from those in spirit to your own mind.  Most of us use subjective clairvoyance all the time, right now you can picture a banana in your mind’s eye. You are using your third eye or brow chakra to see the image as if it’s projected on a blank screen. Some clairvoyants will see images present like a movie in their mind’s eye. Others see still shots that may seem more like the thought of an image. You may see colors, orbs, twinkling lights, a glow around someone, or get brief flashes of a picture or image.
  • Clairaudience: Clear Hearing is the ability to perceive sounds or words from those in spirit.  Some mediums hear the actual voices as if they are actually hearing the tone, accent and verbal mannerisms of someone talking.  This is objective clairaudience whereas subjective clairaudience is hearing the words or phrases internally as if they are your own thoughts which makes it difficult sometimes to know if it is coming to you or from your own internal dialogue. You may hear music, sounds, names, dates, addresses and so much more when you are utilizing clairaudience. If you’re not hearing it clearly or it seems a bit faint, you may have luck asking the discarnate spirit to repeat it, say it more clearly or give it to you in another manner. 
  • Clairgustance: Clear Tasting is another one of the lesser known and least common of the ways most of us perceive spirit. Mediums who receive messages through this modality may suddenly get a specific taste, flavor, texture or oral sensation. Some medical mediums have been known to use clairgustance  as a way to detect a nutritional deficit or health problem someone is experiencing.
  • Clairalience: Clear Smelling is when you smell things that are not physically present in your environment.  Scent has an amazing way of bringing up emotions and memories.  It may be someone’s signature perfume or aftershave, cigarette smoke, baking bread or the smell of the ocean even though you are nowhere near any coastline.  Often clairaliance is associated with a specific person in spirit and they will use it as a type of calling card to let you know that they are around
  • Clairempathy: Clear Emotion is experienced as a deep innate empathy for all living things. People who experience empathy understand the pain, emotions, or feelings someone or something is experiencing.  Those who are empaths and have strong levels of clairempathy, take it to the next level and symbiotically feel what the person is experiencing.
  • Clairtangency: Clear Touch (Psychometry) is the ability to hold an object and receive intuitive input about the person, circumstances or situations associated with it. The information may come through in connection with one of the other ‘claires’.

Each of us usually have one of these areas that come most naturally to us but we are never limited to that being our only way of discerning energies and connection with those in Spirit, be they people, animals, guides, those from the angelic realm or our guides.