It’s been an interesting stretch lately of roller coaster moods, fear based shit, and self recrimination about other people’s baggage. Then with the flip of a switch you decide you don’t want to feel that way anymore. Or be someone else’s emotional skycap. I think many of us have been so bombarded with global events and the negativity of the media, we’ve been left a bit worn down and at times even emotionally fragile.

I had the opportunity and gift to work with some amazing people this past week. The messages were so clear and definitive that there was no doubt who was coming through. A few days ago I heard the perfect description for being a clairvoyant medium,”it’s like playing charades with dead people!” That’s exactly what it’s like!!  I need to credit Sharon Klingler for that gem.  She was a guest on her sister Sandra Ann Taylor’s show on  The shows on this site are an incredible resource for a wealth of information on topics that promote wellness and also help to demystify spiritually based subjects.

Channeling is bringing through the person’s essence in addition to credible validation. I know I’m in the zone when the person I’m doing the reading with says, “That sounds just like her!”  or “That’s exactly what he would say!”  Physical descriptions, jobs, pets, and favorite flowers are all examples that capture pieces authenticating a connection has been made to a familiar family member, ancestor, or friend. But bringing through a comment, a unique personality trait, mannerisms, or things that you associate solely with that person, can add the deep emotional connection we feel for those we love.

I do think there is a difference between channeling and playing a multi-dimensional game of charades. With channeling there can be more of a physical reaction.  Suddenly my leg starts to jump nervously or I become more demonstrative with my body language. Voice tone or inflection may change to mimic the person in spirit. It’s not that they’ve overtaken my body or sense of self, it’s more an energetic melding.  Some mediums do go into a full trance where they literally remember nothing.  I think most of us who do this work, go into a light trance where we’re kind of sharing space. There was a study done in Brazil where they injected radioactive tracers into ten spirit mediums. They tracked the brain activity, more specifically the regional cerebral blood flow, and were able to document odd changes in brain behavior. The control experiment was to have the mediums do a writing sample before they went into trance, then again while practicing psychography or automatic writing. During the trance, the writing was much more complex even though there was less activity in the frontal and temporal lobes.  These are the areas of the brain associated with reasoning, planning, and generating language.  The more experienced the medium, the less activity was detected in comparison to a higher level of activation for the lesser experienced.

On a bit of a lighter note, there are so many shows, reality tv, and documentaries about ghosts, psychics, mediumship, hauntings, possessions, you name it, you can probably stream for hours on Netflix.  Two of my favorites that really do justice to mediumship are Ghost and The Sixth Sense. Both are great movies! Ghost, stars Whoopi Goldberg who plays a fake psychic who becomes an unintentional channel for Patrick Swayze. In The Sixth Sense, Haley Joel Osment portrays a little boy who is visited by dead people with unresolved issues. His skills far surpass any mediums I’ve ever met but it still gives a great account of what some aspects of mediumship can be like.

It’s all about communication.  Being in connection with those in spirit may light up different areas of the brain or cause synapses to fire in a different succession, but its still about wanting to make that connection with those you love. If you choose to develop your mediumship or channeling skills, approach it with the same regard you would give to opening to those who are not in spirit. If you ever make a connection and feel afraid, unsettled, or uncomfortable, tell them to go away and leave you alone. From all I’ve read and experienced, this has to be honored. A good rule of thumb is to go into this form of communication like all others, whatever is for the highest and best of everyone involved.