Please join us today as we discuss characteristics of the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow soul groups!

We are moving into a new age. Many are feeling this new energy and seeing the
results of these transitions all around us. Millions of souls have offered to be born
during this time to help usher in this new era which, after much growth and change,
will foster a new world of love, tolerance and joy. There’s a good chance that you
are an Indigo yourself or have given birth to a Crystal or Rainbow child.

Indigos are feisty, ready for change, rambunctious, and intuitive. They tend to be stubborn, headstrong, creative, passionate people who are “rebels with a cause.” They have come to this earth to break down old paradigms and outmoded belief systems.

The Crystals are here to build a new foundation of love for the Earth. The Indigos have knocked down the old order, so now the Crystals are moving in to lay the foundation for a new way of living – one that is centered on love.

The Rainbow Children arrive on this Earth fearless and trusting. Their focus is on service. Many refer to them as Earth Angels because they never think of themselves. They don’t care very much about fitting in and are content to spend time with themselves. Rainbow souls are naturally claircognizant and seem to have a clear connection to
the other side and their spiritual team.

In order to speed up the positive changes that are coming to earth and help deflect
much of the negative energy we see all around us, many Indigos have offered to
transition into Crystal energy in this incarnation. Tune in to see if you may be an Indigo in Transition!