Many believe the root of how we navigate life emotionally can be traced back to either coming from a place of love or fear. Please join us today as Samantha and Denise explore the 7 Spiritual Love Laws and how you can integrate love into your life more fully.

The information shared in this episode is based on an article written by Irina Yugay. In her writing, she states: “The state of love is one of the highest energetic frequencies we can reach for. And you can cultivate it by applying its principles in your daily life.”

The 7 Spiritual Laws of Love:

  1. Coherence: Embracing the state that brings harmony and balance to your world.
  2. Benevolence: Learning how to show up consciously for the love you want for yourself
  3. Intelligence: Awakening to the consciousness of creation
  4. Ever-Present: The essence behind all creation
  5. Splendor: Integrating love as part of your existence
  6. Resonance: Reaching for the higher vibrations and raising your frequency
  7. Immanence: Welcoming love as the gift of wealth and wisdom

The more we can do to find love for ourselves and for each other, the more we can reach our goal of coming together in unity. Love truly is the answer.

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