Please join us in welcoming Taylor Paige, internationally recognized intuitive, celebrity angel reader and spiritual teacher! Taylor is on a mission to connect as many people as possible to the wisdom and guidance from the angelic realm.  

Taylor has been aware of her psychic gifts from a very young age. Messages and information came through to her in dreams, from visible spirits around her and with strong premonitions. Having a mother who was very spiritual and an astrologer helped Taylor develop a strong passion for the spiritual arts. She has fond memories from her childhood where she would sit around the kitchen table with her mother while her mother read birth charts to her various clients.     

During her readings, Taylor is able to feel the angelic energy surrounding her clients but as she has the utmost respect for free will, she doesn’t focus on predicting the future. She believes we all have the ability in each moment to create whatever life we choose, making the future very fluid. She refers to herself as a spiritual chiropractor that helps you realign with your path of highest good, wherever that may be in the moment. Her sole intention is to help her clients connect with their angels and ultimately, their highest self. 

She is a firm believer that everyone has angels and the ability to communicate with them.

You can find Taylor at:

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