The evidence of our interconnectedness is becoming more and more apparent as the emotional reactions and experiences for highly sensitive people seem to correlate with uncanny accuracy.  Are we tapping into a collective energy or responding to an unknown stimuli?

In 2012, the Office of Naval Research launched a 4 year $3.85 million research project to explore premonition and intuition under the auspices of how the military could be trained to improve their “sixth sense” during combat or other missions. This program, “Enhancing Intuitive Decision Making Through Implicit Learning”, was initiated based on reports from Marines and soldiers who reported that they avoided ambush or an IED (improvised explosive device) because they had a gut feeling something wasn’t right.

“Intuitive decision making processes share some of the same underlying neural structures and cognitive processes as a type of learning known as implicit learning,” the Office of Naval Research states. “Consequently, by acquiring domain knowledge through implicit learning, one may be able to automatically strengthen, at the neural, cognitive and behavioral levels, the same capabilities that are needed for effective intuitive decision making.”

Lt. Cmdr. Brent Olde, ONR Warfighter Performance Department’s division deputy for human and bio-engineered systems: “If we can characterize this intuitive decision-making process and model it, then the hope is to accelerate the acquisition of these skills through simulation and scenarios; thus, providing our sailors and Marines with years of experience in a matter of days and greatly improving their ability to make split-second decisions.”

Previous military studies had found that two types of troops were more successful in detecting IEDs; those who had been raised in rural areas and were involved in hunting or other similar activities and those who had grown up in tough urban settings.  Both require the learned behavior of becoming acutely aware of your surroundings on an instinctual level as well as for personal safety.

So while we highly sensitive people are meditating, raising our vibration and trying to find how we can best be of service, there are teams of military personnel, neuroscientists, cognitive behaviorists and software designers who are working diligently to expedite intuitive development through repeated exposure to hundreds of realistic “virtual” scenarios.

Highly intuitive people listen to their inner voice, are very observant, and are acutely aware of their feelings which often manifest as a physical reaction to a person or situation. Some of us came this way and we know no other way to be.  We may shut down or ignore, but we still utilize this inner knowing to navigate our daily lives.

It’s interesting this military study on intuition coincides with the timeline of spiritual awakening that so many have experienced over the past several years.  Is this a commonality for humanity as we evolve to a new spiritual level?

As a mother, I would want my children trained in any way possible to keep them safe. As a card carrying member of the tin foil hat society, I can’t help but wonder if there is another agenda.

Intuition develops and strengthens through practice, going within, and learning to trust something that cannot be explained by the scientific method. What can never be fully replicated or reproduced is each person’s unique soul essence and connection to Divine.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” -Albert Einstein


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