It never ceases to amaze me how infinite the learning curve is when it comes to spirituality and consciousness.  This morning when I was walking through the woods with the dogs, I was listening to a radio show and the woman started talking about how Spirit will use other people, things in nature, random conversations or song lyrics to grab our attention. I agree we are constantly getting signs from the Universe and from those who have passed.  These are known as cledons, spirit using a vessel to get our attention.

Cledomancy is divination through random remarks, statements, or events. The roots go back to the ancient Greek, kledon: an omen. From what I read, Apollo told the people to cover their ears and go out into the crowds, when they took away their hands they would hear the message from the Gods that was intended for them. (Could be dicey depending on the crowd…)

In Hebrew, cledomancy is known as the divinitory method bat qol which literally translated is a trace of voice or echo. (There is a line over the o in qol  which I found in special characters, but I have no idea how to add it).   We act like it’s all brand new fresh, when in reality we are just hitting that place in the cycle again where it’s becoming more acceptable. If I related this to hearing a voice while I was praying in church, it may be considered divine intervention.  If I get the same message from following the guidance to turn on the radio at that exact moment, couldn’t that also be a connection to spiritual intervention? Many people prefer to label these kinds of events as mere coincidence.  If you live life believing everything happens for a reason, coincidence doesn’t fit the mold.

I think it can be really easy to convince ourselves we’re seeing a sign because we want it so badly, miss someone so deeply, or just feel so lost and confused.  Cledons generally happen when we aren’t looking for them. If your grandmother’s favorite bird was a chickadee and there is one at your feeder every morning, start looking for synchronicity. Is it’s behavior in anyway odd?  Are you seeing the chickadees other places?  Are pictures or references to chickadees showing up when you don’t expect it?  Ask is that you Grandma? (Yes, you can do this in your head so no one needs to know!)  You may hear something, feel a tingle, sense love in your heart, catch a flash out of the corner of your eye, get a slight waft of her perfume. The more you pay attention, the more you’ll notice the signs. It’s actually really cool!

So when I turned on the radio show and the woman who had called in was talking exactly about what I had written about in my journal an hour earlier, I’m taking that as a cledon for me!