Just saying we do this trip to Earth more than once.  And just saying we get to choose if we come back or not.  How would your outlook change on the life you’re leading now if this was the last time you were going to incarnate on this planet?

One theory is we come to Earth to experience the density of a carbon based existence.  It is an energetic dimension that allows us to use our five senses, develop our sixth sense and deal with an egoic mind all in one fell swoop. If it’s true that we come here to attempt ascension against the enormity of the gravitational pull, literally and figuratively, then why do we spend so much of our time doing what we think we’re suppose to do rather than what we want to do?  The pragmatic reality is most of us live in a situation that requires behaving as a functioning member of society in some way, shape or form.  This may mean holding a consistent job, attending school, adhering to cultural norms, and following laws which may or may not make sense or seemingly benefit the whole.

Time is a construct of humans to delineate our lives. Although uniquely finite to the individual, we all land on the planet and are given a certain amount of time before we depart once again to spirit. Do the adrenal junkies need to jam as much in as possible due to a predisposition in a past life to a sedate and uneventful existence?  Could they have had physical limitations that didn’t allow the freedom to take untoward risks?  Or are they just simply wired differently?

Excuses and blame allow us to pass on the life we may want to be experiencing.  Common expressions of “I would have but”….”I almost did then”…”I couldn’t because”…all hold some semblance of truth to the owner. There are certainly life circumstances which can strongly influence or even interfere with the ability to step off the treadmill to go hike the Appalachian Trail or ride the bullet train through Europe. But equally there are choices we make that allow us to remain stagnant in an unproductive and unhappy place.

In 2007, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman starred in the movie The Bucket List. Complete strangers who have lived life at the opposite end of the spectrum in so many ways yet are united when both are diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Although it was met with mixed reviews, this movie set off an epic trend ranging from wishful self fulfillment to a what the hell mentality regarding fears and inhibitions. Books have been written about the places you need to visit, the foods you need to eat, the must have adventures. The iWish app and Bucketlist.org provide suggestions and allow people to post and update their goals and even covertly monitor the goals and dreams of others.

Whether you want to swim with dolphins, learn a language, run a marathon, go to Burning Man, or throw your ass off the nearest precipice to defy gravity, this is your shot at it. Someone could probably make a mint with a Bucket List tour company of predetermined activities and sites that everyone has to see or participate in before they die. Busloads of people with cameras shuttling on and off methodically to snap a quick photo then continue on to the next event or destination.

My father always said it’s important to have something you’re working towards to keep you going and excited about life. Is it about crossing items off another checklist or is it about diving a little deeper and utilizing your senses to immerse yourself in the place, the food, the experience? If the popular expression YOLO (you only live once) is true, do you want to waste your turn living a life of mediocrity or waiting for some day?

Rarely do any of these lists or suggestions focus on bringing ourselves to a new level of existence with one another or with ourselves.  What if we strove toward lowering the mask and allowing each other to see our true selves without fear of rejection or humiliation?  Or maybe jumping down the rabbit hole and loving with complete abandon and trust? It may be a different type of precipice but it requires a leap of faith equal if not surpassing the bravery needed for a free fall.

So just in case you decide not to come back, maybe it’s time to make a kick ass list that is about what you truly want to experience with the time you have left here on the Blue Planet. No one else can live your list as fully as you!

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