Denise and Samantha welcome Katherine Macomber Millman!

Katherine Macomber Millman came of age in the height of 1970’s feminism, focusing her leadership and passion for nearly two decades taking action towards women’s equality and freedom. While pouring her energy into what was the new movement to end domestic violence and sexual assault, the things that kept her sane were body-centered: a vipassana — or “insight” — meditation practice, a 3-year study of Transformational Movement, and improvisational dance. At a certain point, her more public, social activism took a back burner: she fell in love with bodywork — over 30 years ago! —  and has been practicing it ever since. 

Licensed in Washington State as a Massage Practitioner, Katherine has a knack for seeing “the bigger picture,” helping you feel clear and grounded in the Truth of your life. Known for her deep and masterfully intuitive approach to sessions, she specializes in creating sacred space for women to be unedited, relaxed and empowered in their healing process. In the past several years, Katherine has been exploring how the process of transformation is accelerated by using multiple healing modalities in a group setting. Most recently, that exploration is through the highly structured, yet spacious and flowing day, called Entering the Healing Temple — A Day of Sanctuary for Women.