The first new moon of 2016 took place yesterday here in North America, but is happening today in Europe, Australia, India and many other parts of the world.  New moons mark a time to set intentions and plant seeds that will come to fruition on the corresponding full moon. Initiate on the new; culminate on the full. The two or three days prior to a new moon are often referred to as the ‘dark of the moon’ and from an astrological point of view, it’s best to try not to take significant action but instead use the time to reflect, visualize, and imagine what you would like to initiate into your life.  A day or two after the new moon is the best time to take some initial steps towards what you would like to manifest. The week following is akin to tending new seedlings.  You want to give gentle care but also let things develop naturally.  These energies mark a quiet time to decide what you really want to create in your life.

This new moon in Capricorn is about potential, not as a random shift of fate but as the result of taking responsibility for our lives and our choices. Capricorn is a work oriented sign of determination, practicality, helpfulness, and ambition. This is a great time for housecleaning: physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s time to let go of things that aren’t a positive contribution to your life. These may be actual objects cluttering your living space, relationships that have become stagnant, or releasing thoughts and patterns that keep you stuck. It’s time to go within and listen to your heart and your voice.  Meditate, pray, do ritual, spend time in nature, whatever works for you to connect with your own inner knowing and clarity.

In addition to a new moon, there is an alignment with planetary south nodes Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Jupiter is about our relationship to truth and how we develop our personal philosophies.  This aspect is about benefits manifesting down the road but needing to do the work and be consistent in getting there. Saturn relates to structure and boundaries, whereas Pluto is connected to choices and desires. Uranus in Aries trines Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius indicating an opportunity to reflect on our past conditioning and let go of any illusions that keep us from moving forward on our life path. Taking this time to non-judgmentally check in with yourself and reflect on how you may have reacted in a particular situation can help break unwanted ties to limiting, outdated patterns.

Our strength as individuals and as a global society lies in our ability to adapt. Our current reality is the culmination of our personal choices as well as humanity’s past choices. As we strive to become more balanced and whole, we’re not only addressing a need to face the polarities within ourselves but also are working towards a more heart centered society.  This is where our true empowerment lies.

The energy of Pluto in Capricorn is apparent as more people are waking up and connecting to their higher truth and learning to manifest it into reality.  There is a collective desire to bring evolutionary change that encourages consciousness.  Personal growth, self-directed action and taking responsibility for our relationship to the world around us are all indicators of this evolution of consciousness.  Another facet of this is more and more people are becoming increasingly sensitive to what feels like control, distortion, and manipulative agendas on a governmental level. The disparity between what we are being told and what we are feeling in our hearts is becoming more and more difficult to assimilate.

A new year, a new moon, a new opportunity to begin a cycle in your life that aligns with your truest self. Through releasing the past and looking forward, we have the opportunity to heal the wounded aspects of ourselves personally and collectively.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you are so inclined.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.