Happy 2023! Please join Denise and Samantha as they talk about the numerological impact of this being a 7 year, how to best choose your personal word of the year, and how to determine what is enough for you in your life!

As we start this new year in Mercury Retrograde, what a perfect time to gift ourselves with some time of reflection and release. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you do your end of the year review and look ahead at the year ahead.

What did I do, create or experience this year that I’m really proud of?

What mistakes did I make that taught me something? What did I learn that I can use moving forward? What didn’t go so well?

What am I willing to let go of of? This seems to be a powerful question for many of us right now, is it finally time to let go of whatever has kept you in a state of procrastination, self-recrimination, or stagnancy?

Whatever you choose to release or reevaluate in your life, perhaps this is a way to step more fully into who you are becoming. We’re wishing you an amazing year ahead…Shine Your Light, we need you!