Intuitive Tarot Course

Have you always wanted to learn how to read the Tarot without being so dependent on constantly checking for the meaning of each card? Would you like to hone your skills not only for your own practice but to share your intuitive skills with others?

In this 4 week interactive course, we will blend the basic skills and techniques needed to read the cards while learning to access and utilize your own specific style and intuition.

Topics Include: Major & Minor Arcanas, Court Cards, Number Meanings and Sequences, Symbolism, Layouts & Spreads, plus Tricks and Techniques for great readings!

Each week will consist of direct instruction, reference sheets , personal and partner exercises.  The course is recorded and sent out the following day so you will have a copy of each week’s lessons to download for future reference.  Additionally you will receive access to a private Facebook group for future practice and networking!