The holy grail for mediums is to bring through confirmation that the person they say they have connected to is actually someone you recognize.  Evidential mediumship is exactly that, bringing through something that is specific enough to the person that it confirms his or her identity. Most mediums like to start by validating physical evidence such as what a person looked like, age, sex, and how they passed. Evidence also comes in the form of personality traits, pets, words and phrases that the person used in life, or information only the person getting the reading would know.

Sometimes it’s the weirdest little things that will hit home for you.  I did a reading several months ago and God love her, the woman wanted to play stump the psychic rather than be open to what was coming through. Then I made a comment about a grandmotherly energy saying she loved the movie trips.  The woman stared at me and teared up.  “My grandmother always took me to the movies. We would have a special date of going out for lunch and then the matinee. I always felt so special because it was just our time together.”  For her, that validated and also opened the door for more to come through.  Do a lot of grandmothers take their grandchildren to the movies? Of course.  The difference is that was a very precious memory for this woman.

Those in Spirit seem to use whatever they can to prove it’s them.  I’ll often pick up unique mannerisms or speech patterns.  I may get a twinge or ache where someone had a physical illness or affliction. It may be a microsecond flash of someone I know as a reference point for height or stature. It’s similar to that split second picture in a rapid shoot photography session.  I do many readings for highly sensitive people who although they sense those in spirit around them, they want to “see” the people who have crossed. If you take a second and close your eyes, picture your kitchen or another room in your house. You can “see” what it looks like, where things are, what’s on the counter, etc.  This is very similar to the way I see those in Spirit. This is also a great starting point to building your clairvoyance.  If you’re having a hard time remembering the details of the person who passed, look at a picture and then practice closing your eyes to visualize them. Before you write this off as “I’m just making that up in my head”, consider that maybe in reality you’re developing a part of your brain that is there to be used but just needs more exercise.

Being open minded is the number one way I’ve found to be more receptive to those in Spirit.  They want to get in touch with us as much as we want to hear from them, but how they choose to do that may surprise the hell out of you!