I saw an old acquaintance last week that I hadn’t seen in quite a while. It was a pleasant and congenial visit but when I left I felt emotionally decimated.  There were no untoward comments or remarks, no innuendoes or veiled criticisms.  So why the hell did I inwardly collapse into that place of feeling less.  Physically I felt drained and exhausted; emotionally bereft. For the rest of the day and into the next, I couldn’t seem to concentrate and felt lazy as hell. A headache and dull achiness lingered all that afternoon.

The next morning as I was writing I clearly remembered other occurrences of feeling this way though there was never a direct verbal assault or situation that would warrant such a physical reaction. My answer came during a reading when I got a very clear picture she was being psychically attacked by a coworker.  The colleague’s demeanor was friendly and supportive, yet during the reading I saw this person remove a mask which is my sign for someone not being true.  At that moment, it registered that this was a message for me as well as the woman receiving the reading.  We had both been psychically attacked and were completely unaware.

Other symptoms of psychic attack can include: depression, constant thoughts of the person, eroding self concept, even questioning or doubting your direction in life. Seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye or constantly feeling like you’re being watched may also be indications that someone has attached to you energetically. Though I do believe there is black magic and ill intentions sent out by people, the psychic attacks I’m referring to result from being blasted with negativity, resentment, jealousy, spite, or disdain.  These thoughts may be subconsciously transferred or interpreted and may not be deliberate actions. Sometimes it’s been such an ingrained habitual pattern draining your energy for a long period of time, you may not even make that connection.

My epiphany in all of this has been my own possible psychic attacks on those I would never wish harm or ill will.  When I refrain from calling someone out on their shit but rage a complete dialogue in my head, have I somehow launched a psychic ambush?  If it reverberates with the negative emotions of fear, jealousy, rage, or frustration, there’s a chance you’ve unconsciously sent that energy to the person. We’re all human and share the polarity of emotional range. When we love someone so deeply yet feel frustrated and upset with choices made or interactions we’ve shared, this can be a very strong catalyst for psychic cording.

The first step to defend yourself from or diffuse a psychic attack is to be aware it may be what you’re actually experiencing.  Ask for help from those in Spirit, your guides, those in the angelic realm. Don’t send the negativity back to the person! Retaliation doesn’t help a damn thing, if anything, it will somehow intensify the feelings within yourself.  As difficult as it may be, try to send loving and healing thoughts.  Visualize yourself surrounded by white light but also send this light to others. A double sided mirror is also a good visualization tool that reflects energy back to a person but protects you and allows you to see the part you may be playing. Be strong and work on yourself. Fear and negativity open doors and lower your defenses whereas being emotionally strong and stable is your best defense.  Being aware of your own triggers and vulnerabilities empowers you to heal these weaknesses and thus make you less likely to absorb negative energies. Taking a shower can help as water absorbs negative energy and aids purification. See the negativity flowing off and going down the drain.  A salt bath or swimming in salt water is another good clearing technique. And never underestimate the power of a good smudge!

If you’ve tried all of these things and still feel that someone else is living vicariously through your energy and life force, you may wish to see an energy healer or shaman to help you release the negativity and heal.