Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise.  – Horace

There has been a whole lot of hype and encouragement that we have finally reached the turning point in moving forward, releasing the past, and finishing up life lessons. The year beckons with promises of new beginnings, opportunities, and a fresh start. One deterrent to this enthusiasm may be confusion and indecision about what you really want. The clarity of going after a goal with conviction may have dimmed, feel unattainable, or perhaps not even seem of value or interest any more. In  deciding what we really want to do or be or accomplish or manifest, we need a purpose and the drive to go after it.

Our minds and our bodies learn from repetition.  Reiterating strong, empowering statements and infusing those statements with positive emotion helps the subconscious mind accept the statement as truth. Once this is secured, imagination kicks in to create the necessary ideas and plans to bring desires to fruition.

Years ago many of us fervently watched The Secret  which extolled the power to manifest our deepest desire through visualization. We reached for the lifeline while muttering the mantra, imagine it and it’s yours. There is merit to visualizing, feeling, and believing in order to attract an idea, a plan or a way of getting the things you covet. Faith infused with positive emotion is knowing you can manifest your intentions. But to truly bring the imaginative fragment to life, there is still a need to take action.

How do we take the skill set of being empathetic, compassionate and supportive to others, somehow direct that towards ourselves, and not feel selfish or self-centered?  Many sensitive people haven’t had a lot of practice putting their needs and desires on the wish list but in doing so, it propels us out of our comfort zone to move forward with how we want to live our lives rather than remaining passive onlookers.

One step to determining what you really want is to clarify what bothers you about your situation. “I hate my job” is a pretty vague and nondescript explanation.  Is it the hours? Your co-workers? Redundancy? No freedom to express yourself? Morally offensive? Next, determine if you can fix it and how badly you want to fix it. If riding it out until your obligations are taken care of is the best solution and option, so be it. Find some way to shift your attitude to get through it until you can move on to something else.

We all have times in our lives where our priorities and responsibilities far outweigh our own immediate desires and goals. It is a small window of time when our children are young and require our direct and undivided attention.  Or as a primary breadwinner, it more than likely isn’t a choice to walk away from an unfulfilling job without a back-up plan. When dealing with energies and connections to Divine, there is always choice and free will.

Now is the time to be setting our intentions for the shifts that will really start to take hold around the spring equinox. In a few days, January 28, there is a new moon in Aquarius which will encourage rebirth, finding new meanings to things and thinking outside the box. This is an excellent time to widen your scope of potential, opportunities, and access to your own inner truth.  By becoming the leader of your own life, you send out an energy and vibration of responsibility, strength, and support. If we all step into our own light and power, we are the shift we’re all so desperately trying to find.

A prevalent theme for people lately has been a sense of urgency to make the most of the time left on the planet. It doesn’t seem to be based on age, gender, geographic location or income level but instead a desire for a more fulfilling and joyful life.  According to Dr. Phil, when you’re trying to make any decision it’s important to ask yourself: “Is this an escape-based decision or a target-based decision?” Are you running away from something or towards something? Are you coming from a fear based place or are you deciding what you really want? He suggests these questions and steps:

  1. What do I want?
  2. What must I do to have it?
  3. How would I feel when I have it?
  4. So what I really want is to feel __________.


He recommends going through these a second or even a third time always with different answers until you find what really resonates for you at a core level. What initially starts as I want more money becomes a plan for the steps to become financially secure so you’ll feel free to pursue other options in your life.  The desire for a new partner may lead to actually leaving the house and engaging in social situations so you can experience love, companionship, and the reciprocity of a healthy relationship. The beauty in all of this is there is no right or wrong answer. We don’t have to compare or mark our own progress and decisions against anyone else’s definition of happiness and desire. By being honest with ourselves about what we truly want, we open to living the life we came here to experience.

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