Please join Samantha and Denise as they discuss Julia Cameron’s iconic book The Artist’s Way. This book has had an almost cult like following for the 30 plus years since it was originally self-published. The tips and techniques are interwoven with stories and usable information to help you reconnect with your own inner creative.

There are 12 chapters to be worked through over a 12 week process. It is a wonderful journey to take as an individual, with a dear friend or in a group of people. Each week sequentially leads to the next and over the course of the program, new habits are able to emerge which support your creativity and help you learn to do what brings you joy again.

As Julia states in reference to the basic principles presented in this book:

“As you work with the tools in this book, as you undertake the weekly tasks, many changes will be set in motion. Chief among these changes will be the triggering of synchronicity: we change and the universe furthers and expands that change.”

Maybe it’s time to gift yourself with some time to nurture your own precious seed of creativity!