Today we’re talking about the Schumann Resonance – what is it and how it can help you to feel more in harmony with the energies around you. The Schumann Resonance is considered the heartbeat of the Earth that undulates in response to variances in the electromagnetic field. As there are on average 2000 lightening storms happening on the planet at any given time, the waves of these energetic frequencies impact the Schumann Resonance and thus potentially effect all of us.

Schuman Resonances can occur between 3 and 60 hz but the peaks of resonant energy average
7.83 hz which is the same frequency of of our brain when we’re in a relaxed state.

The frequency of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation that powers cell phones, radios, tvs,
computers and appliances from 30,000 hz to 300 billion hz. So if the earth’s heartbeat is 7.83 hz
and our relaxed brain wave pattern shows a similar 7.83 hz, but we’re constantly surrounded and bombarded with these invisible wave energy of significantly higher hz, it may leave us feeling ungrounded, stressed and anxious as well as affecting our heart rate and blood pressure.

Nasa’s studies into the Schumann Resonance have shown that cells grow faster and stronger and live longer when exposed to low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields. When there are irregularities in the Schumann Resonance, there is a stronger probability of experiencing physical, psychological and behavioral issues ranging from fatigue and stomach issues to insomnia and high stress.

This is a fascinating topic and we hope you enjoy jumping down the rabbit hole with us a little bit!