Today I am pleased to welcome Alexis McGlynn, a Master Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitor.  

In addition to these areas of expertise, Alexis  used  her training as a wellness coach, to design and co-teach a Lifestyle Medicine course to pharmacy doctoral candidates which focused on Non-pharmacological Disease Intervention Through Behavior Modification and Wellness Practices. 

She has also provided therapeutic support services to special needs children and their families including talk therapy, school advocacy coaching for parents, and yoga based movement and mindfulness classes for children.

All of Alexis’ work has been and continues to be about helping others feel more empowered through mindfulness and self acceptance.  During Covid, Project Love International was born. Based on her work as a positive psychology practitioner, Alexis was divinely inspired to develop a program that exemplifies the healing power of love.  

The hope for Project Love  is that people will feel free to share their experiences with love, ultimately fostering connection, understanding and growth.  No matter our differences, love is a common thread. 

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