Please join us today in welcoming Dr. Alyssa Adams!

Alyssa is a psychologist turned intuitive business coach & human design guide. She helps successful (but secretly stuck) entrepreneurs to unleash their uniqueness so they can authentically stand out, increase their income, and differentiate themselves no matter how saturated their market.

In her boutique coaching practice, she works with executives and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Through a unique blend of human design, business growth strategies, and mindset work, we amplify your voice, magnetize opportunities for business growth, and clear the path to confidently create the business + life you’re meant for.

She’s been featured in numerous media outlets, shared her ideas at national conferences, and sold profitable online courses. She currently hosts, The Uncommon Couch podcast, where she explores innovative marketing approaches, human design, and the psychological side of entrepreneurship.


To connect with Alyssa:

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