Please join us in welcoming Heather Norton, earth intuitive, animal communicator, healer, and the creator of Dancing Bee Alchemy.  

Heather has trained in multiple shamanic lineages, studied herbalism and dreamwork. She also has a reiki master degree in the Usui lineage and holds certification in Sacred Soul Alignment energy healing.  

She began her professional life as a physicist in the area of high energy theoretical physics, and went on to practice law for a number of years.  Reconnecting with the earth after years of sitting in an office transformed her life and her understanding of our amazing planet. She loves learning from the plants and animals we share the earth with, and sharing that wisdom with others. She believes that connecting with earth wisdom is now more important than ever.  

“The act of connecting with plant wisdom also heals the sense of isolation many of us are feeling. When I connect with a new plant, I almost always follow up with research to find out what other herbalists, healers and wise men and women around the globe have previously discovered about that plant.  Remarkably, the wisdom I receive from the plants is always in line with what others have also discovered.  It is truly an incredible feeling to receive a knowing from a plant or tree, only to discover through research that the knowing matches an ancient legend passed down through generations halfway across the world. In that way, connecting to earth wisdom not only connects us to earth allies, but to each other.”

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