Please join us in welcoming Jennifer Sanders!

Jennifer Sanders is a trauma informed coach who specializes in how past trauma impacts a person’s physical, mental and spiritual well being. Jennifer has extensive grief training and is a certified grief support specialist.  She is also an accredited death doula.  

While working as an administrator in an assisted living facility during the Covid pandemic, Jennifer became acutely aware of the lack of support services and grief training for our healthcare workers.  The level of grief and trauma they face every day is often seen as just part of the job.  Jennifer is passionate about instituting grief training for health care professionals.  Her goal is to help challenge and shift the societal expectations of how to deal with bereavement and loss.

Jennifer utilizes a beautiful blend of compassion, insight and humor to help her clients navigate death, grief and loss.  She helps identify how trauma can shape a person’s life and emotions while providing a foundation to foster deep healing through developing strategies and exercises that empower you on your healing journey.

For more information about Jennifer or to check out her services:

Or on Instagram @inappropriategriefcoach