In this Share Your Light episode, we are very blessed and excited to welcome Kara Ware. Kara is a National Board and Functional Medicine Health Coach who has spent nearly two decades healing her son of the underlying causes that create the symptoms commonly referred to as Autism. She did not accept the limiting belief there was nothing she could do for her son who looked like he was in unbearable pain. She knew there must be something she could do to help him feel better and,  therefore, behave better. In times of dial-up internet and flip phones that did not text, let alone take photos and videos, she was divinely guided to learn about the sources of inflammation that were causing his pain and intolerable and terrifying Autistic behaviors and symptoms. Kara discovered there were even more underlying conditions than leaky gut, vitamin and mineral depletion, microbial overload, hormone and immune dysregulation, heavy metal and mold toxicity, and Lyme Disease. 

She found her thoughts, which created her words, and then her actions, which created her habits, which created an atmosphere of healing, ultimately allowing Kara to accomplish what many still say is impossible. When her perspective changed, and her anger turned to embrace what this journey had come to teach, the healing began. She learned her son came to teach her this shift from fear to love and how to support her family to thrive in today’s environment. 

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