In this Share Your Light episode, we are so happy to welcome Kate Trotter! Kate is a certified Ayurvedic and Massage Practitioner. She graduated in 2010 from the Ayurvedic Living School in Arcata, California, shortly after, obtaining her California massage license. She has enhanced her practice with an aromatherapy certification and courses in celestial herbalism. She creates small-batch herbal oils and body care products inspired by Ayurvedic herbalism and her love of native plants.

Following her passion, Kate delved deeper into metaphysical studies, strengthening her healing practice and intuition. She completed courses on tarot, mediumship, core shamanism, Vedic astrology, kundalini yoga, and Akashic Record reading.

Through her studies and spiritual practice, Kate recognized and honored her calling to read the Akashic Records. Her new business, Akashic Elements, is a culmination of her Ayurvedic and spiritual studies. Kate delivers messages, insight, guidance, and reassurance channeled through her from spirits presiding over the Akashic Records. When reading the client’s Records, Kate intends to facilitate the opportunity for clients to open up to their intuition. She views the records as a pathway to healing by shedding light on your soul’s journey.

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To access Kate’s very generous offer of a reduced rate “Akashic Thank-You” reading, please remember to write in the comments that you listened to this podcast. Thank you Kate!