Please join us as we welcome Kristin Kozlowski in this latest Share Your Light episode. Kristin is a writer, healer, entrepreneur, and mom – but not always in that order. She spent the last twenty years as a Licensed Massage Therapist and reiki practitioner in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where she owns a metaphysical spa, and specializes in speaking with angels and spirit animals.

Since 2017, Kristin has been writing and publishing flash fiction and flash creative non-fiction that deal
with themes of family, grief, and the female experience. In 2022, she decided to merge her metaphysical life with her writing life, which culminated in her writing and publishing a novelette, Like a Compass in Her Bones. This book features a highly intuitive main character that secretly helps souls cross to the other side while struggling with concepts of family, motherhood, and what it means to live a “normal” life. To order: Like A Compass In Her Bones

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