In this episode we are grateful to welcome Lorri McCafferty! Lorri is an Intuitive Healer, who provides several Healing Modalities, including but not limited to, Tarot Readings, Crystal Healing and Reiki. Lorri shares her light through teaching people how to connect and communicate with their Spirit Guides, how to ground Heaven into Earth, and how to create a Sacred Space via the practices of Chakra Clearing, Crystal Work, Sound Healing, and Sacred Scents. Through this work a person can clear their Aura as well as their environments, enabling them to maintain a connection with higher frequencies. 

Lorri’s passion for healing inspired her to create Sacred Products of Light, where you can find a variety of Lorri’s Handcrafted Crystal Jewelry, Wands, and an assortment of tools that lift your personal and environmental vibration. All Products are cleansed and cleared, then Infused with Intentions of Divine, Love, Light, Healing and Joy, ending with receiving a Reiki Attunement. In this way, each product will forever hold within it, Reiki Light and Reiki Healing Energy. All Intentions and Energies are to be integrate into the user/wearer for Only their Highest and Greatest Good ~ Always.

For more information:

You can find Lorri on Facebook @ Sacred Products of Light @

 On YouTube: Lorri McCafferty Reiki Master/Teacher

 Email: @ And by phone @ 207-505-5944