Welcome back to another Share Your Light bonus episode where we showcase listeners from our Enlightened Empaths community, who are following their hearts to make a difference. We hope these episodes will help you gain more insight and encourage you towards following your own dream and calling.

Today we’re excited to welcome Nicole Harp! There have always been two sides to Nicole Harp; the Creative Arts side that lives and breathes art, and the spiritual side with a deep connection to nature and animals. While she has always felt she had to shelve her spiritual side, it seemed to emerge on the canvas in organic brushstrokes and authentic colors.

Nicole is a lifelong artist and educator with a Communication Arts & Design degree from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU.) She has spent most of her career as an accomplished abstract painter, balancing the functions of text and image in her artwork. Now, both sides come together to enhance her multifaceted career as an animal communicator.

Sessions with Nicole allow healing for her clients, both the animal and the caretaker. She provides consultations for all animal species and communicates with animals in spirit as well as living. Nicole validates by revealing personal details and the essence of your animal. This meaningful information authenticates the connection only you share with your animal. She communicates and answers questions regarding personality traits, behavior, health, opinions, likes, dislikes and much more.

For more information or to book a session with Nicole: http://harpspace.org If you book, please remember to put Enlightened Empaths in the subject line of your email for 20% off your session.

If you’re interested in Nicole’s offerings of Spirit Art and would like more information about that aspect of her work: http://nicoleharp.com